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                         What is a Violation?

Building Departments open Code Enforcement violations against properties daily.​

The most common types of violations include: Code compliance, Expired/Open Permits and Unsafe Structure Cases. Code compliance are violations issued due to lack of permits. Like that of converting a garage or adding square footage to the main structure without first pulling permits. Expired /Open permit violations are issued when the construction was performed with a permit; however, the final inspection was not approved. Lastly, Unsafe Structure Cases are granted upon properties which suffered fire, grow house, vandalism, and/or hurricane damages.

All violations are treated in a case by case manner because they all differ. Violations are issued to the properties, not the individuals and are time sensitive. This means that you may have inherited the violation through a purchase and now have little time to correct it. If not addressed within the time given, they result in fines and liens against the property. These cases require the guidance and expedition of trained professionals of the industry.  All In One Permitting will assist you in the simplest and less expensive way available. We are a team of professionals and experts, highly trained in violations. The consultation is FREE! Call us today to discuss your violation in detail. Do not let this matter excel, take care of it today by calling All In One and allowing us, to be the solution to your violations!

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